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As you may have already known, football is one of the most popular sports nowadays, however the nature of the sport leaves many athletes prone to injury, one of which is ankle injuries. A footballer might suffer a strain, sprain or fracture. A strain is often caused by inflammation, overuse or unbalanced use and results in the inflammation of tendons and muscles. Moreover, a sprain is brought about by an injury to the ligaments and is caused by the joint being forced suddenly outside its usual range of movement. Another type of injury is the fracture, which is basically a break in one or more of the bones which make up the ankle joint.

This does not mean that these injuries have to force footballers to stop practicing this sport since nowadays, various treatments and services are widely available. For example, the initial treatment for a sprained ankle is described as P.R.I.C.E (Protect, Rise, Ice, Compression and Elevation) and avoid H.A.R.M (Heat, Alcohol, Running and Massage). This must be balanced fairly early with controlled weight bearing and therefore will help in retaining the power and balance of the muscles.

Visiting Ta' Pinu Pharmacy, you will find whatever you may need be it medicine or advice. Hence, if the pain persists, just set up an appointment with one of our physiotherapists and we assure you an improvement in no time.

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